Mobile Is Changing Business… Right Down To Our Boots and Business Cards.

Mobile Is Changing Business… Right Down To Our Boots and Business Cards.

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By Martin Kellett – An Informer on Synergy Marketing – 11 November 2013


So there’s a lot of talk, debate, speculation and industry predictions as to the impact mobile is having, and will continue to affect, and influence business and businesses.


Let’s start with what is driving the mobile business revolution.


I wrote a blog earlier this year titled ‘Device Hoppers… In A Mobile World’, in which I examined the daily habits of a modern, mobile society and their mobile use and the mobile interaction in their typical day.



To touch on why mobile as a device medium, is changing how we as consumers, interact with businesses and their products and services, I would suggest later, you refer to my earlier post as mentioned. (Click Here)

Topics Covered

The Mobile Effect on Business & Businesses

The Mobile eCommerce Potential

The Online eCommerce Vs Offline Shopping Experience

Augmented Reality Extending Interaction of flat Hard Copy Poster Sites, Magazine Ads and an array of Printed Promotional Products.

How Some Conventional Manufacturers & Retailers Are Starting To Use Mobile eCommerce

Mobile Business Card Website Apps replacing conventional Business Cards



OK, for the purposes of this post, let’s start with… where are you reading this?


I accept that not all of you are reading this on your mobile but a high percentage of you are.  We know this, because like all of us that take a keen interest in observing consumer habits, we read and devour data, reports and even predictions that indicate, our addiction to our mobile devices, is increasing, at an alarming rate of knots.


With the huge mobile uptake showing no signs of slowing, device manufacturers tooling up with an ever greater array of devices, for even greater mobile smartphone adoption, and ecommerce platforms reporting in some sectors, the beginnings of mobile ecommerce out performing their bricks and mortar counterparts, all suggesting mobile definitely has it hooks in, and is laying solid foundations, on gaining a even larger chunk of the business market place.


With a device that fires up instantly, is so convenient to use from your pocket and is now sophisticated enough to handle the mobile internet, mobile websites and mobile software, that makes it a breeze to explore a company’s online offerings.


The thing that I feel is of real power in the mobile ecommerce space is… It’s all about convenience and touching on a basic human instinct!  ‘Acting On Impulse’ is a powerful instinct and affliction, affecting many of us consumers.  


On a personal note I am far more impulsive when purchasing an album on iTunes than when I’m queuing in my local retailer.  


Let’s examine the two different shopping experiences and environments and why more and more if us are opting for the mobile, online option.


With the online shopping experience, I’m usually relaxing on my couch with my most trusted device, my mobile or tablet.  Headphones on, listening to my musical selection, with either a nice glass of wine or a cool beer, and for me, there are no distractions, like screaming kids, bored out of their brains and testing my patience (well not in my house), but I do appreciate this is not the case in every home, but even if this is the case, hey presto… you could wait for the kids to go to bed.  


Offline, I have to venture out and face the weather, find car parking, use grubby lifts and walkways, and incur the inevitable queue of fellow shoppers, or, keep at bay, that pushy, commission based, shop sales assistant, and maybe I even have to listen to some disgruntled till operator, talking to their boy friend or girlfriend on their mobile… instead of serving me, with my purchase.


Going back to the online purchase flow. 

I’m relaxed, (especially on my evening shopping escapades with a glass in my hand).  I’m comfortable, I’m in control.


 The transaction takes place on my terms, and even the feeling of parting with my hard earned cash… online seems less painful.  


Instead of the till operator physically taking my money, or me putting in my credit card pin in to a card terminal, whilst trying to avoid,  some grubby, over the shoulder scammer from seeing my PIN number.


Online, in the comfort of my home, a hotel room, or in a snug coffee shop or even when I’ve completed a product checkout test, in a real shop, of course having sourced the best deal, online, I control the whole purchase process, the purchase environment, and it’s, my, shopping experience.  


For my at home shopping experiences, once the inevitable accompaniment of alcohol kicks in, this is where my online spend is a little more erratic, than in the bricks and mortar space.  This is one of the unsung advantages, that a mobile shopping experience can induce.  It’s easy, convenient and is conducted in a far more rewarding way, and boy do we consumers like rewarding ourselves.

So how is business trying to improve the mobile shopping experience so as, to prize even more transactions, out of us consumers.


Take a look at many of the retail poster sites outside your local supermarket, or the glossy magazines containing the fashion, film, music or beauty product advertisements.  Many are now using a brand new technology, that uses Augmented Reality, to literally bring to life, the product or service, with interactive content, special offers and even video embedded promotion.


We have all seen QR codes which deliver direct website links, promo codes and concession deals.  


There has been a great deal of publicity about NFC, or Near Field Communication which can be used in various countries to pay for anything from parking to pizza.


Apple’s Passport app, keeps all your Voucher Codes, Concession and Store Vouchers, Airline Tickets and Validation tickets in one handy place.


So I hear you say… Where do the Boots and Business Cards come in to it?

‘Boots… Are Made For Walking’


Photo 11-11-2013 12 48 07BOS Marketing - Crocket and Jones Chukka Boots Mobile Page - iPhone

As a long time fan of fine English boots and shoes, and Northampton, my home town, being recognised as the UK’s, if not the World’s capital for the best boot and shoe production, and as featured on the feet of the well healed, (pardon me for the pun) and even having been on the feet of Royalty, I really wanted to show you how, traditional manufacturers and retailers of fine foot ware have embraced, a mobile online presence.


Crocket & Jones, Barkers Shoes and Churches Shoes to name but a few offer the finest English foot ware products worth checking out.


See the link below to a beautiful pair of Crockett & Jones Chukka Boots


So now you’ve purchased the boots on your mobile… What about the Business Cards?


Question… What do you do with your paper or card Business Cards, once you’ve, exported the contact data in to your Mobile, Tablet or Computer?


Do you actually KEEP THEM?  File them?  No where they are?  Or are you like me… and bin them?


For the life of me, I never really know what to do with them once I’ve extracted the data on them.


There was a time I had a nifty, free with purchase, tacky, silver look, business card pocket case.  You know the type of crass, not so good looking type of pointless, useless piece of throw away nonsense you would not be seen dead with.

One of my clients business card collection

  For a long time, I kept my dog eared, data extracted business cards, in a handy, file book, type     thingy.  The only thing was, I’d never got it with me when I needed to contact someone whilst         out  of the office, it was just too big, when crammed full of my years of business card         collection…  and I just found it easier to pop the details of the business card straight in to my     mobile for  easier finding or retrieving.


  So really, what is the point of a hard copy business card in today’s, modern, mobile business       world?


  As for me, I have had countless business cards that have all but, gone past their sell by date,   due to the fact that I have moved job, changed my career or just down to a telephone number change.  The one thing, all my business cards collected in the whole of my career have in common, they’re nearly all outdated!  or either dead, useless and gone!


I personally, do not have a hard copy business card!  What I hear you say!  NO, I do not have a printed business card.  I refuse to have one!  I do not feel the need for one, in this modern, digital business world.  




Now, when I get given one, a business card, that is, I simply photograph it with my mobile, and give it back.  I’m not really an Eco Warrior trying to save the tree’s, although we all should be.  It’s just I hate clutter, in my pockets, even coins aggravate me, as I give all my coins, to the grand children… apart from my ‘Portraits of Her Majesty’… that’s also a UK slang saying for… Paper Money, as the Queen features on our currency, a lot, god bless her! And I love that… ‘Portraits of Her Majesty’


Business cards and not using them.  I could write my details down on a napkin and have, I’m ashamed to say, done so… but only when I didn’t have my mobile phone, or my battery was flat!  It does happen, with these Smartphones!


I also, occasionally come a cropper, that’s an English UK saying, for Balls-ing Up!  When the person I meet and want to share details with, doesn’t have a mobile on them, or their battery has gone.


But for the most part, I have a digital business card. A mini mobile website without the clutter of sales pages, videos and the like.  Just a simple, contact details digital business card app… that’s just fabulous.  I now move job, change my career and phone number every two weeks, just, so I can make full use of my updatable, DIGITAL BUSINESS CARD.


OK, I confess the last paragraph was a little over the top, BUT you get the practicality of this nifty, useful and fabulous MOBILE BUSINESS TOOL.

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Would you like to know the best thing about my digital business card?  It’s A FREE APP!  But probably not for long, so get your skates on, and go get yours!


Here’s mine… including a short sales-y type of page and a video link, sorry… I just couldn’t, help myself!


My Digital BIZ Card


Here’s where to get yours.

So if… Mobile Is Changing Business… Right Down To Our Boots and Business Cards, is it time to make your business is fully mobile optimised?


Can your business afford to ignore the changing trends of consumer shopping habits?


Isn’t it time for your business to grab a slice of the mobile eCommerce market place?


Bos Mobile masters in Synergy Marketing across multi platforms, multi devicesin a Mobile world.



Mobile Marketing & Social BLOG by Martin Kellett of Bos Marketing Solutions Mobile Marketing & Social Blog is your reference point for what’s happening, what’s changing and what’s trending in the current and future of mobile marketing and the social space. Tracking the trends and movements in mobile marketing and the social media space, Martin Kellett of Bos Marketing Solutions in the UK, is a specialist in mobile marketing and social media management. Having spent in excess of 15 years in business marketing, Martin and his colleagues have developed a unique insight, knowledge and passion for all things mobile, marketing and social. With a real interest for how mobile has impacted and will continue impact on large and small businesses, organisations and business entrepreneurs, Martin and his team are constantly investing time and resources in to finding out, what works, what doesn't work, what people you need to know and follow, what tools you need to embrace and learn to use and the techniques that are driving many businesses forward in this space.

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