The Technology INVASION

The DEEP IMPACT Of New Technology On YOUR Lifestyle 

The Technology INVASION

By Martin Kellett of Bos Marketing Solutions

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The technology giants of the modern era, lead by Apple, Google, Samsung and the tribe like followings of Facebook, Twitter and the Social Media networks, are planning to invade your every move and every lifestyle and contact point.

You won’t be able to hide from their attention unless you’re planning on becoming a cave dweller or a desert rat.
These multinational technology players are all tooling up for the next generation of gadgets and gizmos, that they suggest will enhance your life… well that’s their take on it.
The rapid pace of mobile technology advancement has seen astronomical growth since 2007, with the entry of the iPhone, and further still with the arrival of a new market sector with the iPad and tablet computing.
Having gained your attention through various channels and devices including your mobile, at the office and even in your social time, whilst you’re second screening, watching your TV, and, at the same time… surfing the Internet, or posting social notes and comments to your friends. These guys are way ahead of what you think you need in your digital, online and even your off line life and are planning a TECHNOLOGY INVASION.
At the forefront of this technology invasion will be core products about your person that they until recently, played, little or no part in.  Your time piece, or watch, was a beautiful, mechanical or digital piece of jewellery, that held ‘pride of place’ on everyone’s wrist, until the mobile came along and educated, virtually all of the youth, that the was no real necessity for a time piece on your wrist, if you carried your mobile device with you.  After all, how many kids or youngsters do you know or see, regularly, sporting a wrist watch these days?


But, now that the technology has developed for smaller screens, with greater technical ability, the technology giants have invested huge time and resources in devising a plethora of uses for the item that once… told you the time of day.
At this time… there are several established wrist watch manufacturers that already produce credible, truly digital time pieces.  One Italian watch designer who made an early entry was ‘I’m Watch’.  In typical Italian style, I’m Watch, created a bridge between traditional looks, whilst including features that would make any busy executive drool.  
The I’m Watch features:
• emails, sms, notifications

• Facebook

• Twitter

• Instagram

• Appointments

• news

• music

• contacts

• weather

• photos

With a wrist device full of useful lifestyle and work features as above, what more could you want?  Well, let me assure you, these features are just the start of the features being planned for your future wrist watch… watch this space.

For more details about I’m Watch see here:
There are many more watch manufacturers including Samsung, Sony and Pebble, whilst the whole sector is awaiting the late adoption of Apple, whose market disruption technique, like they pulled off with the iPod, eclipsing the original MP3 player, is eagerly awaited.
Here’s a predicted concept design, which may feature from Apple:
Google’s taken the wearable sector to new heights with the introduction of Google Glass.  A wearable set of glasses, with a tiny screen embedded to deliver you miniature information screen, offering a new dimension in augmented reality and display information and images.  Whilst this particular sector is still well and truly in its infancy, there are huge plans for the fighter pilot type head up display type of technology.  Let’s wait and see… pardon the pun, what’s going to happen here.


One of the more recent technology cross-over sectors is the Automotive industries collaboration.  All the key car manufacturers recognise that mobile integration to accommodate on the move communications and entertainment is here and NOW!
A number of high end car manufacturers, have for a while provided clients with deep pockets an in-car device system of communications, navigation and entertainment.
These in-car, integrated systems are now being rolled out by more mass market manufacturers and modest cost models.  Recently Volvo announced the in car tie up with the iOS platform by Apple.
Screen shots of Volvo’s new iOS in-car offering.
On the move Internet


Although the humble TV has taken pride of place, and been the focal point of our home entertainment for decades, there’s a change afoot in our home.  No longer are we glued solely to our TV.  We have developed a hybrid attitude to our TV viewing that now includes, almost continuous monitoring of social networks, internet surfing, online shopping and general engagement with a mobile device, like a mobile phone or tablet.  This recent habit we’ve adopted as referred to earlier is called ‘Second Screening’.  It is this that is satisfying our unquenchable thirst for even more up to date information, news and events.  In a world where you don’t have to wait to find out, or find that item that really interests you, the TV is playing a lesser important role in your lifestyle, but, it is here where are also being pursued by Technology giants.
If the conventional TV networks, no longer float your boat, what if you could access both the content provided in the form of your favourite TV show, whilst being able to side screen your Facebook or Twitter feeds?
Photo 06-03-2014 11 06 06


It’s a given, that keeping fit and a healthy diet… can lead to a longer life or at least a healthier one!
With governments around the world under pressure from rising population ages, more complex medical conditions being associated and contributed towards our modern, busy, time challenged, lifestyles, every effort is being made to educate the population to lean towards a more active lifestyle.  This push to get more energetic about exercise and fitness is yet another area in which the technology organisations are plotting their course for world domination.
There are countless fitness, dietary and wellbeing apps both on the Google Play, Windows and iTunes App Store’s and there is awash of new digital products awaiting Beta testing that are due to come to market.
See the vast selection of Apple supported fitness devices for which Apple itself is rumoured to be developing.
See the link to the Appłe store mobile fitness products: 
To compliment the array of mobile supported products from wrist bands, to calibrators and more, there are countless mobile apps that can monitor, record and trace, cycle, running, walking and workouts, all monitored from your trusty mobile.
One thing’s for sure, our lifestyles are changing rapidly, what we view as an important or integral part of our world is developing new ways in which we communicate, socialise, and engage with our family, friends and work colleagues.  The pace at which technology advancement is taking place, is at such a breakneck pace, that the technology, is playing an even greater part in our lives and is becoming more and more part of our expectations of it.  In a continual effort to fill our day with more data, more control on what we learn, consume and demand, it’s technology that bridges the gap to fulfil our insatiable appetite for more of what the technology giants provide us with… CHOICE.
We can now choose, when, where and with who we share information, at any time of day and in any frame of mind, whether we are working or at play.
The technology invasions are here and now and guess who can’t wait for it?  Us!  You are more than likely reading this article on your tablet, laptop or even your mobile.  And that’s the whole point of technology.  It should deliver what you want, when you want it, where you want it and how you want it.
To sum up.  This artical touches on just a few of the latest, leading technology providers offerings and rumoured plans for world domination.  
I hope this article is of interest to you and you find it useful.
If you have any comments or thoughts about these technology developments or wish to learn more, please see the clickable links or contact me.
A technology observer, user and fan
To view my take on technology in business, please see my earlier articles on ‘Synergy Marketing‘, ‘Device Hoppers in a Mobile World‘, ‘The Big Data effect on Small Business‘ & ‘Mobile is changing Business right down to our Boots & Business Cards‘.

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