Why a New Breed of Educational Buildings are Sweeping Across the UK

Innovation is being at the forefront of technology and The Qube is certainly at the forefront of the Modular Buildings industry for school and healthcare buildings.

The Qube & Qube Structures Ltd

Adaptive, Flexible & Affordable

Why a New Breed of Educational Buildings are Sweeping Across the UK

By Martin Kellett
  • Education is evolving all the time…


  • Learning never stops…


  • And a child or student never stops developing nor their learning growing…

So is it, hardly surprising that the educational buildings and structures around them… need to be adaptive, flexible and affordable?

Let’s be frank.  It is widely thought in society, that a child or a young person is very often a reflection or a snapshot of their environment.

Well, if this is, a school of thought that you subscribe too… Is it hardly surprising to learn that the modern day pre school, primary school or high school, further education facility or college, are embracing a new breed of school buildings and structures?

Osmani Primary School London - www.theqube.co.uk Osmani Primary School London

Keeping pace with the educational developments, changes and continuous evolvement of…

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