Leveraging your mobile assets


By Martin Kellett – Synergy Marketing Specialist


Leveraging your mobile assets


There was a time when the humble PC on your desk ruled the roost!  It was your connection to the world via the Internet.


It was a time when the hulking great desktop sat pride of place in the office and the laptop was the mobile internet connected device of choice for travellers the world over.


In only seven years since the introduction of the iPhone in 2007, the shift between desktop based internet device use and the mobile web has been dramatic and disruptive for many unsuspecting businesses.


So in a mobile oriented world, how do businesses leverage their mobile assets?


The first thing any business owner or manager should do, is to think, like a modern day consumer.


What devices are they using, when are they using those devices and what are they using those devices for?



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The way that I tackled this shift in device use by consumers, was to look at my own use of things like smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops.


I also examined the use of different devices to access the internet by my family, friends and customers.  They didn’t know it, but when I asked them, what are you doing on your phone, or their tablet, I was actually researching their daily mobile habits.  It was a bit clandestine, but I noted down on my smartphone, who it was I was asking, what time it was they were using the device, what device they were using and, what they were doing, on the internet, or whether they were on social media, or consuming content, like reading an article, a blog post like this one, or reading a news paper article or feature and finally, why they were using the said device?


The standard response was… ‘because it’s easier’. This response I found interesting.  How can it be easier to use a mobile device than use, say a laptop or desktop?


Simple, the task fitted their time investment.  Time investment?


That’s a simple human function.  You think of something that is important to you or something you feel you need to check and you decide on the spur of the moment… to check it out there and then.  With no planning and very little time investment, humans now have the answer, to enable them to fit a little more internet engagement in to THEIR DAY!


We all research, review and process a thought and conclusion before making any decision.  Now with a smartphone in your pocket or in close reach 24/7, with the ability to search the web, check email or social media… and hey, shop!!!  


Is it really surprising then, that people all over the world, reach for the most trusted and CONVENIENT device/s… like their smartphone or tablet?  Without the need to boot up these devices, unlike a laptop or desktop,  you can just pull them out of your pocket and crack on, ANYWHERE, at ANYTIME!


Tablets offer convenience and a relax from eye strain against the mobile screen

Tablets offer convenience and a relax from eye strain against the mobile screen


Understanding the time investment is crucial in the understanding of mobile device use by consumers, and once you or your business manager grasps this… you too can leverage your mobile assets to enhance your business performance, because as sure as eggs are eggs, ladies and gentlemen, the trend of going mobile… is a one way train.


Leveraging your mobile assets!


First, think about how to deliver timely content, create an offer or incentive with relevance for the consumer, at a time when it makes perfect sense.


Let’s expand on that.


At the start of a soccer or football match, imagine a timely pizza advert like… Enjoy the game and how about a pizza at half time? The advert could also detail.  Delivered to your door, fresh and hot!  All you have to do is make a few clicks from your mobile!  Hey Presto there it is!
Mobile Apps provide instant access to product purchases with built in payment gateways

Mobile Apps provide instant access to product purchases with built in payment gateways

Here in the UK, our supermarkets have been spending huge sums of money on TV and Radio advertising to promote alcohol purchases during the World Cup in Brazil.  In the UK, alcohol features as a major accompaniment with a soccer or football match.
This form of traditional advertising relies on pre-planning your purchase, great if you are good at pre-planning your beer purchase in advance of the football or soccer match.  Supermarkets are great at collecting contact data via their in-store reward and customer loyalty schemes, so what about the same supermarkets sending timely reminders by text SMS, to buy your beers a couple of days or hours before the match.  This would serve the majority of people who lead busy lives and find pre-planning their lives difficult.  


Let’s consider how successful Amazon, one of the Worlds leading retailers would be pushing an offer on Football or Soccer boots, shirts or kit promotion during the Presidential or political election campaign time.  


Nike Mens Brazil World Cup 2014 Stadium Football Shirt

Nike Mens Brazil World Cup 2014 Stadium Football Shirt

How successful would Amazon be pushing the same offer now during the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, but if we think of this whilst leveraging your mobile assets, how many people are now second screening, watching the soccer or football on TV whilst checking email, or their social media account on their mobile smartphone or tablet.


Now imagine a soccer or football shirt promotion or offer with a special redemption code, only redeemable during the game.


With this type of timely promotion, the promoter can play on a number of basic human instincts of emotions.


You’re watching the game, emotions are high… hopefully if your team is playing well, your invested in the outcome of the match.


You want your team to win!


You want to support and encourage your team, an emotional investment. You have high levels of adrenalin racing through your blood stream, your heart is working overtime and the match is all-consuming.


It is at this point when during the half-time break that… bang there it is… a text SMS with the team shirt offer, it is available in your size, with a special $10 or £10 off redemption code only available during the game (subject to availability).


The three important points at work here are:


1).  Timely.  A related promotional offer available only during the match or game.


2).  Incentive.  You are possibly in the market for something new, but now it’s available at a special price for a limited time.


3).  The delivery mechanics.  MOBILE.


With a mobile device or tablet, unlike a laptop or desktop, the mobile or tablet device is sizable enough to have sat their with you, whilst watching the match.  The device gives instant updates to other things that you still care about whilst watching the match, emails, social comments from your mates on Facebook or Twitter, about the match or game. 


But… now imagine that football or soccer shirt offer with a one click to order link to Amazon or whoever the retailer, directly from that text SMS offer.  With one link click direct to the offer purchase point and a one click to order feature button, as offered by Amazon… bang there’s your shirt order!


Timely… Incentive… MOBILE Message Delivery!


We all know, people read emails when it suits them.  Some emails we read immediately if logged in to your email account, but some emails only get read every few days and some are not read at all.


Screen shots of a busy iPhone home screen... look at the unread emails

Screen shots of a busy iPhone home screen… look at the unread emails


SMS texts tend to be read immediately.


Obviously, some texts do not get read immediately, say if driving, working in an environment where you are unable to read the text, or in an establishment where you may have the phone on mute. But, even when you cannot or have not read a text on its arrival, the open rate statistics suggest that, we tend to read SMS texts immediately and that we all attach a far more urgent priority, over email.


Now in the era of mobile apps with push notification, your offers or promotions can be delivered en-mass, on schedule, with a unique digital offer code or link to a dedicated offer landing page or direct purchase payment gateway.


Loyalty Rewards can also feature as a reward for regular purchases.  Selling your product or services to regular, existing customers is always easier than trying to cultivate new ones.  More sales can be created via your existing customers and making an effort to reward them for their loyalty, serves as one of the most untapped sources of new sales.


With the advent of Apple’s Passbook and Google’s Wallet there is a plethora of mobile loyalty apps and platforms that can deliver spectacular results for the local restaurateur, bakery, sandwich bar or gym, health studio, beautician, hair salon or taxi operator.  Any business that generates regular, potential repeat business can really take advantage of the location aware mobile apps.


So imagine, your favourite local bakery or sandwich bar near your office, sends you a notification of a new style bread or sandwich creation had been created, and is available from today.  If you are a regular customer of this establishment  and you like their product, wouldn’t you like to try their new creation?  Couple that with a 20% off loyal customer discount and their you have the perfect ingredients to launch a new product to an already warm or soft market sector… your existing clients.

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Leveraging your mobile assets is crucial to business TODAY!  In a few years from now, it could be the difference between success and failure.


If you have ideas about leveraging your mobile assets or if you need inspiration on how to, contact me and lets have a discussion about this topic.


Thank you for your time and interest in reading this article.  If you have enjoyed it or would like to offer any comment, please do so.  If you are interested in all things mobile marketing and social, why not checkout our previous articles.


Have a great day!

Martin Kellett


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