Keeping Ahead Of The Mobile Tsunami

Keeping Ahead Of The Mobile Tsunami By Martin Kellett – Mobile Marketing Enthusiast.

We’ve all read articles and features from the leading Internet marketing gurus, banging on about ‘This is the year of Mobile’ for the past five+ consecutive years.

Having read and researched many of the articles and features about the impact mobile is having on consumer  trends, and being a keen follower of the mobile space and the impact on business, I am convinced that the next two years are going to be a key period in the true mobile domination of Internet search and business commerce.

What draws my view to the next two years as being the defining period for mobile use by consumers, as against using their humble computer, or even a tablet for their Internet search device of choice, or more importantly their chosen purchase point device, is the factoring in of many recent key mobile technology developments in hardware and software.

But, before looking at the recent developments in the mobile space, there is one further element to consider.  YOU, me and pretty much the majority of the human race. We all strive for our lives to be more informed, more efficient and more rewarding.  In our urge to communicate, inform, learn and share our experiences, our knowledge in every sphere of our world, with the people we love, trust and protect.

Since the dawn of time, humans have found ways to communicate, inform and share their knowledge and experiences with their trusted tribe, clan or group.  Interested in our human development with communication?  Check out my earlier blog (Device Hoppers… In A Mobile World)

In this modern, mobile world of always being connected, with 24 hour on-demand news broadcast and mass social communication, is it hardly surprising now the vast majority of the planet is given access to the Internet via a mobile, the masses are taking up their right to make tidal shifts in the use of the Internet by using a mobile device that is not tied to a desk, office or even a physical location.

From someone who spends 60/75% of his working day on a mobile device, not because it’s just easier to create this blog post, or schedule my social media postings, raise a client invoice or even review blogs or articles on my mobile device, but because it’s also so LIBERATING to be able to do so from my favourite coffee shop, from home or from the pub or bar.

Okay, I hear you say it’s EASIER to conduct your blog writing on a smartphone? Huh! Schedule your social media posts? Raise a client invoice?  Now you’re kidding me!  Uh!  Let me assure you, I created this blog post using the dictation tool within Evernote.

See example graphics below.

Evernote is a great desktop, tablet and mobile app tool for recording notes, reminders, clipping articles from the web and collaboration between team members.  For me it's a life saver app!

Evernote is a great desktop, tablet and mobile app tool for recording notes, reminders, clipping articles from the web and collaboration between team members. For me it’s a life saver app!

Evernote via mobile, image whilst recording blog script.  

I schedule the vast majority of our business and personal social posts to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn from my mobile via Hootsuite and monitor the postings via Klout.

Hootsuite Mobile App Schedule Image

Hootsuite is a scheduling app for social post automation

Hootsuite mobile image with Twitter post schedule

And finally, I raise far more invoices via automated reoccurring processes on mobile, via Zoho invoice.

Zoho Invoice for Mobile

Zoho offer a full suite of Invoicing solutions available for desktop, tablet and mobile invoicing.

So back to the Mobile Tsunami tidal shift that is going to take place, as I believe.

Firstly, let’s look at the recent developments in hardware.  It’s at this point that I apologise, for my admission as being a passionate iPhone user based in the UK.  I would not suggest for a moment that other hardware products are not more than capable of achieving my level of mobile use with equal satisfaction.

Regarding hardware development we are so far down the road from the heady days of 2005, and the original Blackberry email friendly mobile phones, through to 2007, when the original iPhone landed which made it even easier to send email and surf the net, and we had these little square icons on a home screen, called Apps.  Oh how they shook up the mobile phone market along with iTunes, which has caused a real shake up of its own to the music industry, but that’s covered in one of my earlier blogs: (Music To Your Ears)

New Hardware hits mobile consumers

The recent launch of iPhone 6 and the 6+ not only gave the phone more real estate space with its larger screen sizes, but equally a host of exciting enhancements that will touch and satisfy the smartphone users quest, to make their lives easier to deal with, and at the same time, be more informed and entertained.

Apple's new iPhone 6 and 6+

Apple’s new iPhone 6 and 6+, the mos recent additions to the Apple family

iPhone 6 and 6+ image courtesy of

How will NFC and the new Apple Pay affect the mobile use for product and services payment transactions?

It wasn’t too long ago for some of us to remember that the leading banks introduced credit cards that revolutionised the way we shop and pay for goods and services.  This used to involve sliding a weighted roller device across carbonated triplicate papers, like an airline ticket shape, that would actually indent the sales recording across your credit card, eventually wearing the card out.  Then hey presto, the credit card terminal arrived and did away with the triplicate sales slips.  Then the chip and pin terminal appeared as being the type of terminal we still use today.  With NFC technology that has been around for some time, the mobile phone entered the payment market.

Apple Pay Device

Apple pay could be the future of product and service payment

Apple Pay image – courtesy of

Now that Apple has launched its Apple Pay with the backing of the leading US and European banks, if they can disrupt the payments market the way that iTunes has the music industry, then we are about to witness the next revolution.  Apple have taken a cautious, measured approach to the payment sector, we would like to think with the same level of user satisfaction, as iTunes.

So with your mobile now having a credible solution to you juggling plastic at the till, and that dreaded moment of recalling your security pin, for the right credit card… yeah!  Your trusty mobile, the same device that might wake you in the morning!  The device that you check several times a day for a quick glimpse at your email, to create that little social musing to your tribe, the self-same device is now entrusted into your inner sanctum, your financial hub.

Okay, next to your money and your loved ones in your tribe, what else holds real importance in your world?  Let’s have a think.  Your loved ones, your money… Well, what about YOU?  Or more accurately YOUR HEALTH.

So how many stairs do you climb in your day?  How far have you walked or run this month.  Calories… do you burn them or just consume them?

The Apple Health App on iOS 8

With the launch of iPhone 6 and 6+ and the upgrade of iOS8 came the Apple push into Health

Apple Health App image courtesy of

With Apple’s push in to the health market, it looks like the big bucks spent on medical and pharmaceutical advertising, has been set in their sights.

With the rapid number of health related apps on the iTunes Store, it was only a matter of time before Apple wanted a slice of that pie!  But when you look at it, there is a real mobile user reward here.

Keeping blood sugar records for the avalanche of diabetics across the world is not only a chore, but also very time-consuming, keeping detailed records to provide to their doctors.  With a simple app integration from the many available diabetic apps, into the central Apple health app, would seem to bring value for the growing number of mobile diabetic users.

There are a number of other medical conditions, like blood pressure and heart rate monitoring that also have apps on the Apple App Store, and a simple emergency medical detail database on the iPhone Health App.  This information could be very useful to an emergency roadside medical team, if you were involved in an accident, where the medical first responders could locate your mobile containing this simple record of your medication or condition.

To compliment the absolute necessity of your mobile about your person, there is now a further item that all tech giants like Apple, Samsung, Sony and the like are keen for you to adopt… The Smart Watch.

Already widely available from many brands, the initial flurry of wearable smart watch offerings tend to air on the side of the techy band style watch, if you could refer to many of the current watched as stylish!  In my book they tend to look, chubby, boxy and a little uninspiring!

With the marketing launch of Apple Watch in September 2014, Apple seems again to have been cautious, allowing the market to develop a little, whilst observing how not to enter this space.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Apple Watch images courtesy of

Indeed, Apple’s wearable offering wasn’t radical, if anything it was predictable.  First, it looks like a WATCH.  A piece of jewellery, a timepiece.  Surprising that?

Apple Watch Bronze

The Timeless Future Of Technology

Apple Watch image courtesy of

But, with Apple Watch, the attention to detail, coupled with some really thought-provoking ideas as to what could be possible or achieved on a smaller screen, has really shaken up the expectations of a new timepiece.

Apple Watch Silver Bracelet Chain and Clasp

Apple Watch image courtesy of

Having discussed, interviewed and interrogated my circle of co-workers, family and friends about the new Apple watch, one conclusion seems to come out clear.  It looks very desirable, it appears more elegant than most, just like a normal watch… but, if they can get it to do what they say it can do, then just like the iPod was a paradigm shift in music, iPhone was to mobile, iPad was from the notebook, then is this device capable of changing an even longer establish wearable item?  Well at today’s date being the 14th December 2014… As they say ‘Time Will Tell’

So, ‘Keeping Ahead Of The Mobile Tsunami’

In your car, there is no respite!

The push, no, drive by all smartphone manufacturers to embed their operating system in to your dashboard has begun.  With many mobile phone manufacturers tying up deals with many of the worldwide car manufacturers.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Whilst not a new technology, it is one that is still to develop.  The in-car mobile integration is one in which creative thought processes still operate.   Coming up with the endless addition lists to what the in-car mobile is capable of bringing to the integrated, mobile fed, services, processes and features that can enhance the driving or travelling experience, whilst not offering too much distraction for the driver.  This area of mobile integration is probably the more sensitive, risky and challenging to get right for all.

The in-car mobile space is one that faces huge risk of future safety legislation that could still jeopardise this space.

Social responsibility

Are you social enough for your mobile, or is your mobile social enough for you?

Having poured myself over the endless release statistics by Facebook, Twitter, in fact from almost all of the social networks,  their stats, analytics and predictions all point to one very solid, very clear and concise conclusion.

Mobile is HERE and NOW.

As we enter 2015, full of anticipation, expectation, if not mixed with a little trepidation… one things for sure.  There will be a further 365 days for the tech giants to invade your lifestyle, with new products, services and function that via YOUR MOBILE, could assist with your checkout and to help you avoid checking out!

Mobile, in your tribe, your money and monitoring your health… ‘Keeping YOU Ahead Of The Mobile Tsunami’

Written by Martin Kellett, a keen, mobile enthusiast, early adopter and app junkie.

Thanks for reading this article, if you agree, like, dislike or disagree, get in touch.

The last word… Bye.

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